SJE offers before after school care program known as Oasis.  Oasis provides professional care, security, supervision, recreation and enrichment activities for children of working parents within a Catholic environment.

Oasis is open from 6:45am to 7:30am, and 3:00pm to 6:00pm every school day including early dismissal days.  The Oasis program is not open during Fall break, Christmas vacation, Spring break or Easter vacation. Oasis is held in the TFC Life House which is located across the street from the school.

Oasis is open to all St. John the Evangelist students in Pre-4 through eighth grades. The supervisory ratio does not exceed 20 students to one employee. An emergency information form for each student and $25.00 registration fee per family must be submitted before utilizing the program. Costs are $5.00 per hour per child. Any of an hour will be considered an hour.  Overtime charges are also assessed as outlined in the Oasis Program Handbook.

Oasis Handbook

Oasis Emergency Cards

Oasis Registration Form