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The easiest way to give back to our school staff is to donate to our P.A.S.S. program!

This is the best opportunity for SJE School parents to thank our teachers for all they do for our children. In lieu of room parents collecting monetary donations for individual classroom gifts, contributions will be pooled together and given in the form of a bonus to all staff members two times per year: December for Christmas and May for the end of the school year.

Our teachers have chosen to teach in a Catholic school and we are blessed to have them!  Please prayerfully consider donating to P.A.S.S. to help recognize and thank all of our staff for choosing to teach at SJE School.

Visit the P.A.S.S. website here.

Your donation to P.A.S.S. is paid out 100% directly to entire school staff and is 100% tax deductible. We appreciate any gift you can give!

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