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Select students in fifth through eighth grade solve advanced math problems as a team while competing at the local, regional, and state levels.


Team members (fifth through eighth grade) study and practice spelling an extensive list of words to prepare for a one-time competition against local schools in this Purdue University-sponsored event.


The St. John Evangelist Student Council is for students who have volunteered their time to make St. John the Evangelist the best school possible. Our Student Council gives students the opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.


Seventh and eighth graders can use their critical thinking and engineering skills to build and program a robot to compete at a game in tournaments through the Vex IQ Challenge. The robotics club will help students develop their interest in engineering, programming, and other STEM topics.


NJHS is open to 7th and 8th graders in the second semester. In order to be admitted, students must have all A's and B's for the entire first semester. They must also have 3's and 4's in effort, conduct, and social growth grades. Students apply to NJHS and answer questions about themselves. The answers are reviewed by the faculty board and they vote on admission. Once in NJHS, students must maintain their grades and fulfill six service hours, including an NJHS exclusive project. Students will become more involved in the community, develop leadership skills, and learn how to communicate effectively.


The Art Club is an opportunity for students to learn and try new art techniques and express their creativity. The clubs are divided by grade and meet after school.

Grades K-2 Art Club dates TBD. Students will make a holiday ornament and enjoy a holiday snack


Little Flowers is a pro-life Catholic club for Kindergarten through third grade that helps girls learn more about their Faith while creating bonds of friendship. Girls earn badges for learning about virtues, saints and the Bible while playing games, making crafts and having fun. 


Gems Girls Club is a pro-life Catholic club for fourth and fifth grade that helps young ladies mature in their faith, deepen their friendships, and develop life skills. Girls earn charms for charm bracelets by learning and practicing various life skills connected to the virtue of hospitality.  

Clubs meet monthly on 2nd Fridays of the month. Annual program cost is $35 per child. For more information contact Julie Zasada at

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