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School closings or delays may be necessary in case of fog or severe weather. St. John the Evangelist School follows the Lake Central School Corporation for closings or delays. If school will be in session with a delayed start, the delay will be announced through a Schoolcast text, email and on local radio station WJOB (1230 AM). The delay is phoned to the school principal and who then begins the phone tree for faculty, staff and parents. Buses run their routes as usual, but at a later time according to the delayed start schedule. Kindergarten through eighth grade begins at 9:00 am for a one-hour delay and 10:00 am for a two-hour delay. On delayed start days, Adventure Club will be open. School lunches are served and dismissal is at the regular time. The same policies are in effect during a school closing with the exception that the Adventure Club before school program is not available. If students are in Adventure Club after school has been cancelled, parents are phoned. The school will not be open for instruction and students are not to report to school.



In case of severe weather during the school day, St. John the Evangelist closes only if the Lake Central School Corporation closes. The following procedures then take effect:

  • The school phones all parents of students who ride buses that there is an early dismissal and that the child will be coming home on the bus.

  • The school phones all parents of "walkers and riders" to inform them that their child will need to be picked up early.

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