St. John the Evangelist School provides both standardized and accelerated math programs to properly challenge each of our students in seventh and eighth grade. Students are placed in the appropriate math program based on grades, NWEA test scores and demonstrated effort. SJE provides three different math programs to meet the needs of students:

T Class

Grade 7 - 7th grade material plus additional 8th grade material. Prepares students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade.

Grade 8 - Algebra I. Students learn all that is covered in high school freshman Algebra. Typically SJE T students will take Honors Geometry during their freshman year. 

X Class

Grades 6-8  - Curriculum includes all Indiana math standards required for each grade level. X Class students will be proficient in grade level problem solving skills as well as computation. The material is presented and moved through at an accelerated pace. X class includes enrichment material in addition to grade level material. 

Y Class

Grades 6-8  - Curriculum includes all Indiana math standards required for each grade level. While the material for this class is exactly the same as for the X class, it is presented in smaller segments and moved through at a slower pace. Y classes focus on math basics and provides remediation if necessary for students still struggling to master concepts.