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St. John the Evangelist School provides both standardized and accelerated math programs to properly challenge each of our students in seventh and eighth grade. Students are placed in the appropriate math program based on grades, NWEA test scores, ILearn performance, and demonstrated effort. SJE provides the following math programs to meet the needs of students:

Grade 7

7th Grade Math: Students continue to build from the foundation and skills they learned in 6th grade. Students will fully understand how to interpret and compute all rational numbers.They begin to use variables and solve multi-step real-world problems. Students interpret inequalities and graph them accordingly. Students will focus on geometry vocabulary and formulas. 

Pre-Algebra: 7th grade material plus additional 8th grade material. Prepares students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade.

Grade  8

​Pre-Algebra: In 8th grade, students move beyond rational numbers to irrational numbers. Students will expand their knowledge on geometry and will learn the Pythagorean Theorem and apply it to real-world and mathematical problems. Students will begin to learn about functions and define, compare, and evaluate functions. They will use functions to model relationships between different quantities. They will compare algebraically, graphically, numerically in tables, or by verbal descriptions.


Algebra I: Students learn all that is covered in high school freshman Algebra. Typically SJE Algebra I students will take Honors Geometry during their freshman year.

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