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Educators at SJE use technology in the classroom to give students every advantage to learn in a dynamic environment.  Integrating technology into the daily lives of our students positively impacts their education process.  Students experience technology through Promethean boards in the classroom, 1:1 iPaduse in kindergarten through eighth grade, a state of the art server-based computer lab, STEM program with robotics & coding curriculum, and Vex competition team, as well as weekly Computer Science classes.


Learning Spanish at SJE is more than simply learning a second language. It is also about learning cultural differences and customs that make it unique and special.  Students in kindergarten through eighth grade learn Spanish through weekly classes utilizing traditional methods as well as hands on activities such as song and prayers.  We prepare students by making them comfortable and ready to use a new language in everyday life.

SJE Spanish Class
preschool music


Students are learning that singing praise to the Lord is a great way to sing our joy! With Promethean boards, students are able to really experience a song by viewing pictures to understand what they lyrics mean. Seeing the lyrics on the screen help the students understand to stop and talk about what the songs mean to us. 


Learning music is a universal language that can help us communicate our feelings, and express ourselves. Students learn that music and art walk hand in hand helping us understand time periods, culture, how people used to be, and how we have grown to the communities we are now. 


Students are eligible for bus service within designated Lake Central boundaries. To find out if your child is eligible, please contact the Bus Barn at (219) 365-3141 Monday though Friday 6am-5pm.  


SJE offers a before and after school care program known as Adventure Club. To learn more, click here.

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