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SJE is our children’s family away from home, nurturing every part of them and helping them become their best selves. -Puntillo Family

We want our boys to learn discipline and respect that we feel is not available in public schools.  We feel attending Catholic school will bring them closer to God, which in turn will make them respectful young men.

-Lukac Family

My wife and I chose to put our children in SJE because our Catholic faith is extremely important to us and we wanted them in an environment that would help them learn the true teachings of the Catholic faith, would support traditional family values and would provide them opportunities to serve others. -Rodriguez Family

We choose to send our daughter to SJE because we love that she is surrounded by teachers and staff that are truly committed to academics, faith and kindness. -Bracken Family

We wanted a school that would foster a sense of faith, moral character, and inspire a life-long journey of learning for our children.  We were impressed with the technology and the strong academic foundation that SJE has, but it was really the sense of community we feel within this school that roped us in.  The teachers and staff at SJE go above and beyond our expectations.  They truly nurture the minds, hearts and spirits of the kids and are committed to promoting the best from each child and helping each child achieve their full potential. -Stern Family

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