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To Learn, Live and Love As Jesus Taught Us


St. John the Evangelist School is an elementary school within the Diocese of Gary, educating boys and girls in preschool through grade eight.  We believe that parents have the first and ultimate responsibility for the education of their child.  The faculty and staff at St. John the Evangelist School accept with great pride the parents' decision to entrust the education of their children within our faith community.

St. John the Evangelist School endeavors to provide the strongest education possible in the Catholic faith, while ensuring that each child receives a strong academic foundation in all subjects, develops personal responsibility, embraces Christian values and demonstrates their faith through services to others.

St. John the Evangelist School Mass


St. John the Evangelist School believes that childhood is the most critical period for the development of attitudes, habits, capabilities, and skills, and that the curriculum encompasses all that a child experiences in his life at school.

The purpose of the school is to create a collaborative, faith-filled environment. The pastor, principal, staff, teachers, parents, and other community members lay the foundation for a love of learning, instill a sense of personal worth and respect for others, and develop critical thinking skills so that the children can grow to be responsible and practicing citizens. Quality Catholic education is provided for students in preschool through eighth grade in a caring and family atmosphere.

The main components of the educational program are:

  • Embracing Catholicism as a faith to be lived within a believing community.

  • Developing Christian attitudes and habits as a contributing and supporting member of a community.

  • Acquiring essential knowledge, skills and techniques with the stimulus of practical application.

  • Integrating technology skills and applications.

  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression.

  • Nurturing each child to help balance the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and ethical development as a whole.

  • Promoting leadership as a service to others.

  • Understanding our participation in a global community with a responsibility for social justice.


All educators at St. John the Evangelist School, in their efforts to achieve these objectives, hold certain convictions which underlie the teaching process.

  • Faith Community - The recognition of Jesus Christ as the meaning and purpose of our school.

  • Safe and Nurturing Environment - The need for a warm, supportive school environment in which all children feel welcome, accepted, and safe

  • Family Spirit - The importance of open and continuing communication between school and home.

  • Responsibility - Fostering students' personal responsibility and accountability. Sharing responsibility by the school, home and community for the child's growth and development.

  • Respect - The dignity and worth of each person and the importance of individual differences and potential.

  • Academic Excellence - The importance of responsiveness by the faculty to the interests, needs and learning styles of individual children. The importance of teaching children ways to transfer learned skills to real world applications.


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