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Students in grades four through eight have the opportunity to participate in band. At St. John the Evangelist, band is a combined program that includes students from St. Michael School (Schererville). Music education at the grade school level has several goals:

  • To acquaint students with the language of music, including values of notes, key signatures, scales, and the general terminology of music.

  • To learn the physical skills needed to play an instrument.

  • To gain confidence by playing the instrument in front of various audiences, as a group or in solo.

  • To gain exposure to all types of music; marches, classical, pop, rock, etc.

  • To be part of a team effort; learning to behave responsibly with peers of varying age levels and to be a socially acceptable part of the group.

  • To learn to love music through its performance.

These goals are accomplished by:

  • Lessons - Half-hour lessons take place on Wednesdays during the school day. Students meet in sections on a rotating schedule, ensuring they do not miss the same subject each week. A schedule is posted in each classroom; it is the students' responsibility to check the schedule and be at their lesson at the appointed time.

  • Rehearsals - Junior Band (fourth grade students) meets on Mondays from 3:30-4:30 pm at St. Michael School. Senior Band (5th-8th grade students) meets on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm at St. John the Evangelist School.

  • Competition - Students are expected to participate in solo competition each February. They are assigned a piece of music to master and perform. Medals are awarded for "Perfect," first, second and third place scores.

  • Concerts - Junior and Senior Band both perform two concerts each year. A winter concert is presented at St. John the Evangelist in December, and a spring concert at St. Michael School in May. Students are awarded their solo competition medals at the spring concert.

David Little, the program's CYO band director, is supported by several parent volunteers. An annual band fee of $40.00 per family is collected at the beginning of the year. Tuition is $40.00 per month, per student thereafter. Summer lessons are also available; student participation is encouraged.

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